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Hi there! We’re a happy group of crafters who have come together to make a hub for all the great crafts out there. Do you love sewing? Is painting your true calling? Does origami light you up? Then you’re in the right place. 

Here are a few of the faces behind this site.

Amy Jacobson

Amy Jacobson Amy grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota where she lived with her grandmother. For as long as Amy can remember, she’s always loved crafting, and her nana taught her everything she knew about knitting and embroidery. With Nana’s guidance, it wasn’t long before she started designing her own embroidery patterns.

As a young adult, Amy moved to Minneapolis and worked for several small fabric design companies. While working, she became friends with a regular buyer named Joan Dealipu, whom she bonded with over a love of embroidery. After seeing Amy’s skill with embroidery, Joan invited her to move to Nashville to work for her company, Nashville Country Living.

Amy accepted the offer and moved to Nashville, where she learned she preferred the Tennessee summers to the Minnesota winters she grew up with. When she isn’t sewing, Amy loves hiking, relaxing at Radnor Lake, and doing volunteer work.

Taylor Gonzalez

Taylor Gonzalez Taylor may have been born in New Mexico, but as a member of a military family, he didn’t stay there for long. He, his parents, and six siblings have lived in cities across the United States from Monterey to Brooklyn. With such a transient life, Taylor turned to art to give himself something to focus on. Fortunately, with scenery that ranged from ocean sunsets to bustling cityscapes, Taylor was never at a loss for painting inspiration.

In 2013, Taylor moved to Nashville, where he started working for a local design studio. After feeling like he had outgrown the studio, he left the job in favor of one at Nashville Country Living. He currently works part-time with NCL and works as a professional artist in his free time. When not painting, Taylor enjoys fishing, swimming, boating, and just about everything elseyou can do on or in the water.

Joan McIntyre

Joan McIntyre As a young woman, Joan took her first steps into the world of business by working as a bookkeeper. While she enjoyed the challenge of balancing books and juggling finances, she always had a dream of making her living doing something more artistic. After many years of saving and planning, she was finally able to open Nashville Country Living in 2012 after retiring from the job she’d held for decades before.

Joan now lives in the Nashville area on a three-acre property with her husband, Bob, and their three dogs. The two of them have three amazing children and five fantastic grandchildren, but they’re always hoping for more. After working on physical paper for so long, Joan has come to love the feeling of paper under her fingers. This love inspired her to pick up an origami kit on impulse at a craft store, and since then, she’s never looked back. Joan loves all paper crafts, but some of her absolute favorites are scrapbooking and quilting.

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